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*BRAND NEW* Creative Arts Academy

Give the Gift of art and Creativity this Holiday Season, with a gift that keeps on giving.

Our Brand New 10 week program will meet on Saturdays starting January 7 from 12 to 2 PM .

It will include 45 minutes of music and drama, 30 minutes of dance and 45 minutes of art.

The mission of All-Stars creative arts Academy is to provide the arts school aged children age 6 and up.

This is not only a fantastic opportunity but could also be a fantastic Christmas gift for you budding artist!

while working in groups learn about gradients and the color wheel including primary and secondary colors, learn depth and perspective and significance in space , illustration ,design and abstract art. get creative with different types of paint. relax and enjoy the mindfulness of art and creativity.

Cost of this program is $175 with all supplies being included. Space is limited, call today to secure your spot!

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