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Who's Got Spirit? All-Stars Has Spirit!!!!

Starting April 24th- April 29th All- Stars Dance Studio Will Be Holding there Annual Spirit week!

This is a Week of fun to get everyone in the spirit for our upcoming events such as our Photo Days on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th and our Recital on June 24th! Starting Monday Every class through the week of spirit week will end with a snow cone to cool off!

Here is the following themes for our All-Stars Spirit Week:

~Monday~ Tie Dye day! - Model and wear your most fantastic Tie Dye creations to dance class! store bought or home made, all is loved and welcomed, we cant wait to see it in person!

~Tuesday~ Pajama Day - you wont want to snooze on this theme, Showcase your Fav Sleepy time jammies and accessories!

~Wednesday~ Favorite Costume Day- Got a Favorite Costume from years past or just want to dress up as you favorite princess or super hero? This is Your Chance strut your stuff in your favorite costume!

~Thursday~ ASDC Spirit- Who's Got Spirit? All-Stars Has Spirit, Wear your most loved All-Stars Apparel to the studio and show off that school spirit!

~Friday~ Dress Like your Favorite Teacher- Have you Ever dreamed of dressing up like Mrs. Kim Or Mrs. Erin or even a favorite school teacher etc.. this is your opportunity to be as creative as possible! Show Off those Copy Cat Skills!

~Saturday~ Country Hoedown- Yeehaw , What Better way to end an Awesome spirit week with a Country Hoedown, Dress Like A Cowgirl or Cowboy and ride off to a day of fun with this theme!

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