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Tina Perreault

Tina has dedicated four decades to the world of dance and gymnastics. During this time, she not only mastered these arts but also shared her knowledge with students of all age groups and abilities. Her preferred dance forms include lyrical, modern, and tumbling, reflecting her diverse experience. While her heart belongs in Western Massachusetts, she has expanded her horizons by learning in various regions, including Florida and North Carolina.

Throughout her career, Tina has received training from notable figures in the dance and gymnastics world, including Caroline Lewis, Shelby Baraselou, Elizabeth Lenart, and Frank Hatchet.

In her latest venture, Tina is stepping into the role of an entrepreneur as the owner of “Prestige Dance and Sports Consignment.” This unique establishment, set to open its doors in October 2023, offers dancers and gymnasts the opportunity to purchase gently used items.

Beyond her dedication to dance and gymnastics, Tina is passionate about animals. She is the founder of Mason’s Mission,” a charitable organization focused on hosting fundraisers to collect supplies for local nonprofit pet rescues. Tina also values time with her friends, cherishing moments of celebration in their accomplishments.

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