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Image by Drew Beamer

 Our Testimonials 

"Your group was just wonderful!! Thank you so much! People talked about the flash mob all day! The choreography was fantastic and the energy was palpable!! And the pageant winners were a great affirms well, to add some presence and magic to the event!!
 Many thanks to you and the dancers! They are obviously very dedicated to you!!
 Congratulations, that is because you have done an amazing job!"
- Amy T.


"The Teachers make personal connections with your families. When I went through my loss last year, you were so comforting and loving. teachers meet the kiddos where they’re at, and help them foster their love for dance. You all go above and beyond" 

-Dani N.


"I just want to say thank you for putting together this Disney experience for the kids. Aubree loved it so much and hasn’t stopped talking about the stage. Sometimes we take for granted how amazing and wonderful you are. You put in so much for these kids with little thanks. I want you to know we LOVE you and are so happy to be with ASDC. You are appreciated and loved more than you know. Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to another amazing dance year!"

-Amy L.


"What I love most about All Stars is the enthusiasm Miss Kim and her staff show for every single students successes, whether big or small. My daughters are not competitive dancers, but every time they try a new skill, Miss Kim cheers like a maniac, high fives them, and makes a huge deal out of their small accomplishment. I see this enthusiasm with other teachers as well and it's truly what I love most. My girls feel special there and have gained so much confidence from the constant uplifting of the teachers."

 -Jessica M. 


"My daughter Sofia has been going to All-Star Dance studio for 6 years now.  She started off as a shy and self-conscious little girl.  Traveling between Chicopee and Westfield and getting her to class has not been easy.  I have asked Sofia over the years to switch to a closer dance studio and every year the answer is NO. I've had Sofia do dance camps at different studios to see if she would like the studio and like to switch, and her answer was still NO. No one else can compare to All-Stars Dance studio for Sofia.  She can be her silly, goofy, awkward self, succeed and fail and still feel confident to keep going because of the staff and Miss Kim.  She found her magical place, her unicorn and it's with Miss Kim.  

 Thank you All-Stars and Miss Kim"

-Lyanna R.

"Thank you ASDC team for creating such a safe, structured, and fun environment for my daughter to grow up loving dance as much as I did!"

-Gerri Ann k.

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