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Just Dance...

2023-2024 Registration Available!

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 Our Dance Classes


 Our Ballet classes teach essential techniques for developing grace and poise. They also strengthen and enhance other dance skills to create solid movement in dance. Ballet is the foundation for technical development of Dancers no matter what age!


 Our Jazz Classes Help Dancers build a strong technique that focuses on strength flexibility, musicality. Our Dancers will take part in warm ups, isolations, footwork, turns as well as jumps leaps. Jazz is a fun exciting style of dance full of high energy class and upbeat music.


 Step to the Beat with our Tap Classes. Tap Teaches techniques through warm-up across the floor.  Tap turns and combinations strengthens coordination & rhythm. Our Dancers will learn clarity through out sound. Tap is great for Dancers of all ages!


 Tumble into success! our Acrobatics Classes teach Dancers how to Increases flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and confidence's High Energy Class is perfect for those looking the reach new levels.


 Hip- Hop's popularity is at a all time high! Dancers will learn movements through basic body isolation's free styling and choreography. Dancers will learn many different variations of hip hop styles. These classes are a lot of fun and an excellent work out.


Uses the foundations of ballet, allowing more freedom to express emotion through this style of dance.

Mommy and Me

For caregivers and their little stars (ages 16 months – 3 years old)– Rewarding and fun for adults too! Get creative, move around, learn motor skills, and socialize.

Tiny Tots

Ages 2 -3 years. See your child bounce with happiness and sing out loud to the music with this combo of acro ballet and jazz. This class uses different shaped mats. Hula hoops, counting games and our famous bubble machine. Our teachers will praise their success and cherish their progress week after week.

Musical Theater

Ages 5-11, will come to life as we explore a series of engaging scenes. All Stars Dance Center will provide a highly supportive atmosphere for students to develop their courage to act, dance and sing. The level of challenge is to fit the specific needs of the group so that the introduction of musical theater is a positive experience for all. This class is an excellent choice for students to build self-confidence, discover their talents as they learn if musical theater is for them. Each class will include creative movement, acting, singing, improvisational games, as well as rehearsals with props. The last class will have a presentation of their “mini show” including songs and scenes on the last day of their class in the studio. This class does not have a stage performance. Perfect fit of those wanting to get a sample of musical theater, but might not be ready for performing on the stage in front of an audience.

Dance Cheer and Tumble

Teamwork is always the key ingredient in a cheer program because children learn trust and cooperation by working as a team at our Cheer Dance and Tumble class the students develop a true sense of teamwork while working on cheer skills, chants, jumps & cheers. You will also learn the proper ways to do your forward rolls, cart wheels, round off, backbends, handstand, front hand springs and back handsprings’.

Parent Info

Parent Information

To Register or receive more information on a class calls our front desk at (413) 527-1122 

  • Save the Date 2024 Dance Recital June 22nd, 2024, At Westfield Middle School! Picture Date- TBD 

  • For more Up to date news visit our Breaking news Section!

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Top 10 Reasons to Join ASDC 


Competitive Dance Team

Dance Team
It's your birthday so let us celebrate with you!

Book A  fun stress free Birthday Today


All-ages welcome. Two hours of awesome birthday excitement. If you don’t want to destroy your own house and if the kids are getting tired of Chucky Cheese, why not have a unique and exciting birthday bash at All-Stars?


45 minutes of a fun filled dance class (geared for appropriate ages, ability levels, boys or girls). 15 minutes of games. 30 minutes of either crazy hair and nails or special crafts and 30 minutes of presents and cake.


All you need to bring is the cake and juice; we provide all the rest, including tablecloths, decorations, paper goods, goodie bags and all the clean up. Moms and Dads: sit back and relax, mingle with other parents. All-Stars will show your kids and their friends a most memorable fun time. Call today to schedule the date!!

Birthday Party Prices

$250 non-members


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